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          Copy Right:Jinan Haifu Plastic & Rubber Co., Ltd. Powered by 300.cn

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          About Us

          Company Profile

          Company Profile

          Jinan Haifu Plastic & Rubber Co., Ltd. is located in Zaoyuan , Zhangqiu District , east 35 kilometers of Jinan city , close to Zaoxu 09 highway, east to Xiuyuan river, only 30 kilometers from Jinan International Airport , transportation is very convenient.

          Our company is a joint venture company which is invested by Haifu company in China and FuAn company in USA. The company mainly produces PVC foam board , PVC co-extruded foam board, Cpvc board, rod, PVC rigid board , rod, PVC flexible board , color board etc . . The company has advanced equipments which are imported from Germany and Austria.At present,the products not only have good sales in domestic , but also has been exported to many countries and regions of  Southeast Asia, America and Europe.


          Company Profile

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          International Business Department:

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